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VAERS Report 2156712

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 36 ans

Genre: Male

Région : Outside US

Patient décédé?
Renseignements sur les vaccins


Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: unknown

Date de réception du rapport
Date à laquelle le formulaire est complèté
Date de vaccination
Date d’apparition
Nombre de jours (date d’apparition – date de vaccination)
Description de l’événement indésirable

nightmare; fatigue/unusual tiredness; fever; shortness of breath/ debilitating dyspnea; heart palpitations; malabsorption; weak; apical paraseptal emphysema; lung disease; heart problems; veins protrude all over body; racing heart (tachycardia); felt the inside of chest go very very cold; chest pain/ pain on the left side of upper chest; sweating; fast heart rate/ heart started to beat very very hard; this is a spontaneous report received from a contactable reporter(s) (consumer or other non hcp) from the regulatory agency. the reporter is the patient. regulatory number: gb-mhra-webcovid-202202141538282050-my8xf (ra). other case identifier(s): gb-mhra-adr 26602269 (ra). a 36 year-old male patient received bnt162b2 (comirnaty), administration date 04aug2021 (batch/lot number: unknown) at the age of 36 years as dose 1, single for covid-19 immunisation. relevant medical history included: "steroid therapy" (unspecified if ongoing), notes: taking regular steroid treatment (e.g. orally or rectally); "suspected covid-19", start date: 22jun2021 (ongoing). the patient's concomitant medications were not reported. the following information was reported: nightmare (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "nightmare"; hyperhidrosis (hospitalization, disability) with onset 04aug2021, outcome "unknown", described as "sweating"; heart rate increased (hospitalization, disability) with onset 04aug2021, outcome "not recovered", described as "fast heart rate/ heart started to beat very very hard"; fatigue (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "fatigue/unusual tiredness"; chest pain (hospitalization, disability) with onset 04aug2021, outcome "unknown", described as "chest pain/ pain on the left side of upper chest"; pyrexia (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "fever"; dyspnoea (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "shortness of breath/ debilitating dyspnea"; palpitations (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "heart palpitations"; tachycardia (hospitalization, disability) with onset 04aug2021, outcome "unknown", described as "racing heart (tachycardia)"; lower respiratory tract infection (hospitalization, disability) with onset 04aug2021, outcome "unknown", described as "felt the inside of chest go very very cold"; malabsorption (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "malabsorption"; asthenia (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "weak"; emphysema (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "apical paraseptal emphysema"; lung disorder (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "lung disease"; cardiac disorder (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "heart problems"; varicose vein (hospitalization, disability), outcome "unknown", described as "veins protrude all over body". the patient underwent the following laboratory tests and procedures: computerised tomogram thorax: unknown; heart rate: resting heart rate is roughly always about 100,..., notes: resting heart rate is roughly always about 100, and if i stand up and walk it jumps to 160-80; sars-cov-2 test: inconclusive test. the clinical course was reported as follows: it was reported that on leaving the vaccination clinic, the patient developed pain on the left side of upper chest; accompanied by a fast heart rate. he went home, thought nothing more of it and carried on with the day. as he was hanging out the laundry, his heart started to beat very very hard, he began sweating profusely and felt the inside of his chest go very very cold. he walked to hospital, and had been living in a nightmare ever since. now, the patient was virtually disabled, the resting heart rate is roughly always about 100, and if he stands up and walk it jumps to 160-80. his body no longer digests food; malabsorption, his veins protrude all over the body, he was weak and felt as though his life was fading. the patient had subsequently been diagnosed with apical paraseptal emphysema; and he had seen consultants who recognise, but cannot account for, his symptoms. at first, the doctors thought he was simply anxious and he then took sedatives which just raised heart rate even higher. the patient mentioned its not fair that this happened to him which destroyed his life. he also mentioned, his situation was so severe, he was not depressed or suffering from a mental health condition, but he was a realist and one that finds their bodily condition unbearable. the recent or ongoing illness that were not already mentioned: the patient mentioned, in the following months, after vaccination, he was diagnosed with lung disease. however, the doctor has stated that he does not have copd and that he should not have dyspnea as a result of the lung disease; example it being the early stage. the patient had debilitating dyspnea and heart problems. the report of the patient was related to possible inflammation of the heart (myocarditis or pericarditis) however, it was unknown if the diagnosis was made by a medical professional and was not known the type of healthcare professional that provided the diagnosis and any specific details of the diagnosis. the relevant investigations or tests conducted included many. the events resulted in hospital stay which led to many presentations to accident and emergency (a&e) department. the event resulted in doctor or other healthcare professional office/clinic visit. the event resulted in emergency room/department or urgent care. therapeutic measures were taken as a result of events and included treatment with beta blockers and sedatives (steroids). on an unknown date, the patient underwent computed tomography thorax (ct thorax) and the result was unknown. the patient was unknown if any blood tests, such as for certain proteins (called troponin) that signal heart muscle damage were taken. no follow-up attempts are possible; information about lot/batch number cannot be obtained. no further information is expected

Données de laboratoire
test name: computed tomography thorax; result unstructured data: test result:unknown; test name: heart rate; result unstructured data: test result:resting heart rate is roughly always about 100,...; comments: resting heart rate is roughly always about 100, and if i stand up and walk it jumps to 160-80; test name: covid-19 virus test; result unstructured data: test result:inconclusive test
Liste des symptômes
hyperhidrosis varicose vein fatigue chest pain asthenia lung disorder dyspnoea tachycardia palpitations pyrexia malabsorption heart rate increased nightmare emphysema sars-cov-2 test cardiac disorder computerised tomogram thorax lower respiratory tract infection heart rate
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suspected covid-19