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VAERS Report 2156719

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: N/A

Genre: Male

Région : Outside US

Patient décédé?
Renseignements sur les vaccins


Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: em4965

Date de réception du rapport
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Date de vaccination
Date d’apparition
Nombre de jours (date d’apparition – date de vaccination)
Description de l’événement indésirable

racing heart/heart palpitations; chest pain; racing heart (tachycardia); myocarditis; pericarditis; petechia; muscle oedema; elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension; inappropriate schedule of vaccine administered; this is a spontaneous report received from a contactable reporter(s) (consumer or other non hcp) from a regulatory authority. regulatory number: gb-mhra-webcovid-202202142017321870-sb2rt. other case identifier(s): gb-mhra-adr 26603606. a 40 year-old male patient received bnt162b2 (bnt162b2), administration date 28apr2021 (lot number: em4965) as dose 2, single for covid-19 immunisation. relevant medical history included: "drug-induced psychosis" (unspecified if ongoing); "immunodeficiency" (unspecified if ongoing), notes: taking other treatments or medicines, not listed above, known to lower the immune response and i...; "drug induced itp and a chronic low platelet count" (unspecified if ongoing); "mental disorder" (unspecified if ongoing), notes: mental health condition requiring treatment. patient has not had symptoms associated with covid-19 not had a covid-19 test. unsure if patient is enrolled in clinical trial. concomitant medication(s) included: abilify taken for mental disorder, start date: 24may2015. vaccination history included: bnt162b2 (dose 1; batch/lot number unknown), administration date: 24feb2021, for covid-19 vaccination. the following information was reported: inappropriate schedule of product administration (medically significant) with onset 28apr2021, outcome "unknown", described as "inappropriate schedule of vaccine administered"; palpitations (medically significant), outcome "not recovered", described as "racing heart/heart palpitations"; petechiae (medically significant) with onset 13feb2022, outcome "not recovered", described as "petechia"; muscle oedema (medically significant) with onset 12feb2022, outcome "not recovered", described as "muscle oedema"; blood pressure increased (medically significant) with onset 28jan2022, outcome "not recovered", described as "elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension"; chest pain (medically significant), outcome "unknown", described as "chest pain"; tachycardia (medically significant), outcome "unknown", described as "racing heart (tachycardia)"; myocarditis (medically significant), outcome "unknown", described as "myocarditis"; pericarditis (medically significant), outcome "unknown", described as "pericarditis". the patient underwent the following laboratory tests and procedures: laboratory test: (unspecified date) result unknown; blood pressure measurement: (28jan2022) elevated; (17feb2022) still elevated; coagulation test: (unspecified date) result unknown; haematology test: (unspecified date) result unknown; heart rate: (unspecified date) racing heart/heart palpitations. patient has not tested positive for covid-19 since having the vaccine. therapeutic measures were not taken as a result of palpitations, petechiae, muscle oedema, blood pressure increased, chest pain, tachycardia, myocarditis, pericarditis. visited casualty today, discharged without treatment, pulse and blood pressure still elevated. treatment plan is to take bloods in one week via (name withheld). the reporter considered that the report related to possible inflammation of the heart (myocarditis or pericarditis). relevant investigations or tests conducted: "general biochemistry, coagulation and general haemotology." the symptoms did not lead to a hospital stay. no diagnosis made by a medical professional. no treatment given because of the symptoms, only assessment. no follow-up attempts are possible. no further information is expected

Données de laboratoire
test name: general biochemistry; result unstructured data: test result:result unknown; test date: 20220128; test name: blood pressure; result unstructured data: test result:elevated; test date: 20220217; test name: blood pressure; result unstructured data: test result:still elevated; test name: coagulation; result unstructured data: test result:result unknown; test name: general haemotology; result unstructured data: test result:result unknown; test name: heart rate; result unstructured data: test result:racing heart/heart palpitations
Liste des symptômes
chest pain petechiae pericarditis myocarditis tachycardia palpitations blood pressure increased laboratory test inappropriate schedule of product administration blood pressure measurement haematology test heart rate coagulation test muscle oedema
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